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Subject: Alert: Perle coming to Istanbul

Richard Perle is coming to Istanbul.

We have learned that Richard Perle has been invited to come to
Istanbul on May 9, as a speaker in an annual series of expensive
conferences organized by "Forum Istanbul" - a mixed group of
industrialists, academicians, journalists.

The Peace Initiative of Turkey has initiated a press campaign to
expose the situation & to alert the public. We have also been
contacting the organizers via faxes, letters, telephones making
them aware of our protest, telling them to cancel the invitation.

It will be of great help if you all, and especially those from
the US can send e-mails to the two e-mail addresses and fax given
below, telling them what Perle represents in the US and the
world, how low he rates in the public opinion as a dirty-dealer
etc. Ask them not to promote and revive the image of this war
profiteering expert who had to resign in the US once
his dirty dealings were exposed.

The greater the number of e-mails arriving in these mailboxes,
the greater its impact will be. Act now. And please circulate
this appeal.

Ayse Berktay
Peace Initiative of Turkey


Yavuz CANEVI : Chairman   ycanevi at teb.com.tr
Forum Istanbul : info at forumistanbul.com

Fax Forum Istanbul: 90-212-2276144

You can find information in English about the group at:


Conference program as well as information on the session,
"Session IV: The Search For Collaboration Toward Permanent
Strategic Stability, At The Triangle Of The Balkans, Caucasus And
The Middle East"  at which Perle will speak can also be found

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