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TKP BULLETIN No: 19 May 2, 2003

May Day in the capital of Labour

Tens of thousands of people celebrated May Day in the rows
of Communist Party of Turkey in the capital of labour of
Turkey: Istanbul. Communist workers, university and high
school students, intellectuals and families arrived from
various parts of Turkey in order to celebrate the Labour

TKP organized a single united rally in Istanbul as usual.
Much more crowded than the past May Days, communists made
their own meeting before the common gathering with trade
unions and parties.

First speaker to address to the crowd was Suleyman Baba,
Organisational Secretary, who saluted cordially the
communists coming from Anatolia and said that a single view
of the square would mean a very strong response to the war,
invasion and capitalist policies. Afterwards, Kemal Okuyan,
the General Secretary of TKP came to the pulpit. In his
vigorous speech, Okuyan firstly emphasized that the country
was obviously invaded by the US imperialism but the
anti-imperialist struggle given by communists, reinforced
by patriotic feelings of the people was getting more and
more powerful. He also affirmed that the communist movement
was the only hope to transform Turkey into an independent
and self-respected country, based on equality and freedom.
Next speaker was Aydemir Guler, the president of TKP, who
mentioned the ongoing privatizations in the chemistry,
steel and airline sectors(*). Referring to workers from
these sectors present in the crowd, he said that communists
would not accept this thievery of the people's assets.
Guler also said that Turkish capitalism was approaching its
end, showing as evidence the helplessness of the state,
concerning the recent eathquake in the east of Turkey. He
emphasized the importance of the revolutionary struggle of
the youth, which would reconstitute the life in its humane
sense, from the ruins of the capitalism. Both speakers
accentuated the actual meaning of May Day for communists:
not a feast but an opportunity to gather the hopes and
forces of the working class together and continue, starting
from May 2, the struggle more preparedly and strongly.
After the speaches, assorted music groups and musicians
came to the platform to performe their music. Revolutionary
and folk songs as well as marches were sung all together,
accompanied by more than a ten thousand.
Communists from different regions and cities, workers from
factories, high school students; all had their particular
banners and placards, with mottos on. Doctors' were, for
instance, denouncing the private health system. Metal
workers, municipality labourers, retired military officers,
teachers, artists and other sections, namely, the working
and enlightened face of Turkey were all forming the
colourful TKP cortege.
Main slogans that people shouted were "Turks and Kurds
together, for socialist revolution!", "Factories, fields,
political power, all will belong to labour!", "Yankee go
home!", "Workers to the party, the party to the power!",
"The youth will come, will come socialism!", "We will clear
out the yankee!".

The common May Day meeting, towards which TKP marched in
form of a very long cortege, was just next to the
communists' rally and it was a chance for the party to
manifest the power of united socialist struggle and share
it with trade unions and other leftist organizations.

* Currently, a huge establishment, Petkim, an integrated
complex of many petrochemical factories, is in the
privatization list. Another important state-owned asset is
Turkish Air Lines, which is tried to be sold out by the
For more pictures of May Day celebration

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