You've forgotten another dirty pro-Cuba leftist

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Thu May 8 20:57:25 MDT 2003

<At the risk of citing another questionable source like the United Nations,
the Human Development Indicators Report for 2002 states that the life
expectancy at birth for Cuba is 76.0, which nearly matches the USA's 77.0
and exceeds the "miraculous" South Korea's 74.9. Cuba's literacy rate is
96.7, which exceeds Brazil's 85.2 and Jamaica's 86.9

I assume these figures are as accurate as any. But it would be interesting
to see how they compare with the past.

I.e.: What was life expectancy and literacy under Batista; has Cuba's life
expectancy improved more than Brazil's over time, etc.

I ask this because as I understand it, Cuba was actually one of the more
developed Latin American countries before the revolution.

Not that it affects our basic responsibility to oppose imperialist attacks.

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