Occupying force takes casualties

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Fri May 9 06:44:22 MDT 2003

NY Times, May 9, 2003
2 More Servicemen Killed in New Attacks in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Iraq, May 8 — Two American servicemen were killed and a third 
injured in separate incidents today, a deadly reminder of the dangers 
facing both occupation forces and ordinary Iraqis in a country where the 
only surplus commodities are weapons.

A sniper killed one of the Americans in east Baghdad, according to the 
Pentagon. The second, a member of the Army's V Corps, was shot and 
killed while directing traffic on a bridge.

The third serviceman was injured when his Humvee ran over a land mine 
that had been buried, apparently the night before, in a median strip 
between the lanes of a busy expressway near the airport.

Lt. Gen. David D. McKiernan, the commander of allied ground forces in 
Iraq, did not comment on the incidents in a meeting today with 
reporters. But he warned that his available troops could not guarantee 
absolute security in a country the approximate size of California.

"We now have 150,000 coalition forces across Iraq," he said. "Ask 
yourself, could you secure California all the time with 150,000 
soldiers? The answer is no."

The sheer volume of weapons in the hands of civilians — everything from 
rifles and grenades to mines and rocket-propelled grenade-launchers 
abandoned by the Iraqi Army — has surprised the country's new American 

"This whole country was an armed camp," said General McKiernan.



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