Scotland: Parliament opening reaction

Michael Keaney michael.keaney at
Fri May 9 06:58:11 MDT 2003

Danielle writes:

Personally, I thought it was clever to writer "my oath is to the people" on
the hand she raised to swear on oath to an outdated monarch.


I agree. And Rosie's point re "modernisation" was excellent. But her
previous statements regarding "craziness" and "something different" give
added context which is important in this case. Personally I am with you 100%
concerning the ridiculous procedure that is the opening of the Parliament,
but I think that the approach adopted by Tommy Sheridan was absolutely right
and that dignity is important, not least for avoiding the possibility of
caricature. Since the SSP is seen as a major winner in these elections they
will be under all sorts of scrutiny that was previously not thought
necessary. As a party it is going to have to behave with a certain degree of
discipline if it is to build on these gains.

You are also right to highlight the insidious sexism behind some of the

Michael Keaney

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