US considers military option in clash with Cuba

Matías Scaglione mdscaglione at
Fri May 9 13:36:44 MDT 2003

Hi everyone,

This is my first intervention in the list. I live in
Washington DC and I use to rent movies in the
Tenleytown branch of Hollywood Video. In the section
new releases they had at least five copies of the
movie Fidel (2001, produced by Hallmark). I wanted to
rent it to see it again (I watched it in my country,
Argentina, in cable TV) after the recent events, but
all the copies of the movie were removed along with
its internet reference (see
Could you please check in your places to see if this
case is just an exception?

Thank you very much,

Matías Scaglione

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escribió: > See for
> a similar
> analysis in last week's issue of Worker's World.
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