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  I thought this might be interesting to Marxmail subscribers. 

  Fred Feldman had already informed about the news article in "The
Guardian" about the same issue. 

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International release

[NB: sample protest letter in the end.}

You may have seen the short, immediate message.
We now can tell you that the ISM (International Solidarity Movement)
and Raprochement offices in Beit Sahour were raided today.  

Three women were taken into custody. Two internationals were
arrested,  both apparently American (one is Flo, the communications 
coordinator).  A Palestinian was questioned, and then released;  The
2:00 and 3:00 PM radio news reported that the internationals were 
illegally here, but the ISM office confutes that.  In addition to the
arrests, 5 computers and 3 lap tops were confiscated.  

This is a step further in the governmentÆs and militaryÆs war on
human rights groups, particularly those who aim to help the
struggle of Palestinians against the occupation. It follows the
killing of Rachel Corrie, and the shooting and seriously wounding of
Hurndall - still in coma - and Brian Avery, shot in the face, and
invalidated for life.

International human shielders are apparently losing their special
status and treated no better than Palestinians.

At present, legal aid is being sought to try to release the women and
to recoup the computers.  

Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 20:51:22 +0200
From: ISM Media Alerts <ism-alert at palsolidarity.org>
Subject: [EMEM] New Israeli military declaration targets ISM
[Singling out



As of Thursday, May 8, 2003, humanitarian organizations 
working within the Gaza Strip, Occupied Palestine began 
receiving a new declaration created by the Israeli 
military.  This document (included below) demands 
signature of all international groups working within the 
Gaza Strip and any internationals attempting to enter the 
Gaza Strip.  In addition to stipulations of not holding the 
Israeli Government responsible for the death of 
internationals, the declaration specifically states that the
individual signing can have no connection to the 
International Solidarity Movement (ISM).  

The ISM, a Palestinian led non-violent group which 
attempts to provide protection to the Palestinian people 
and to enable them to non-violently resist the Israeli 
military occupation of Palestine, has recently come 
under attack from the Israeli Government and Army.  
This attack, including the targeting of ISM volunteers that
left one dead, one comatose and one severely injured, 
and now this new declaration, are all aimed at 
discrediting and inhibiting the peace work of the ISM.



Israeli Defense Forces

Form to be filled out and submitted to IDF authorities 
prior to entry to the Gaza Strip

First name      Family name
Passport number
Home address
Address in Gaza
Purpose of visit in detail
Duration of visit
Organization arranging visit

Conditions of Entry into the Gaza Strip

Foreign nationals entering the Gaza Strip, please note 
that the IDF is committed to ensuring the safety of 
civilians not engaged in hostilities. However, in the 
current circumstances, the IDF cannot guarantee the 
personal safety of foreign nationals visiting the area.
Although the IDF cannot accept responsibility for death, 
injury or damage/loss of property incurred as a result 
of military activity, foreign nationals visiting the area 
are subject to the following conditions whose purpose 
is to minimize the risks involved:

1. The Military Installation Area along the border with 
Egypt is IDF administered territory and is strictly out of 
bounds to foreign nationals. Please note that this area 
has been the site of intense hostilities and is extremely 

2. Interference or obstruction of Israeli security personnel 
in the performance of their duties is a criminal offence.

3. The areas adjacent to the Perimeter Fence, 
Israeli Settlements, Lateral Roads serving Israeli civilians 
and IDF positions are Closed Military Zones 
and are strictly out of bounds to all persons.

4. Foreign nationals are strongly advised to stay well 
clear of military activity.


I declare that the details provided above are true and 
correct and that I have read the above conditions and 
agree to abide by the fully. I am aware that my failure 
to do so may lead to my arrest and/ or expulsion from 
the Gaza Strip and/or from the territory of the State of 
Israel. I am aware of the risks involved and accept that 
the Government of the State of Israel and its organs 
cannot be held responsible for death, injury and/or 
damage/loss of property which may be incurred as a 
result of military activity. I also undertake not to disrupt 
IDF operations in any way and declare that I have no 
association with the organization known as ISM 
(International Solidarity Movement) nor any other
organization whose aim is to disrupt IDF operations.

Signed                                        Date


ISM Media Coordinator
Beit Sahour, Occupied Palestine
ism-alert at palsolidarity.org 
[ ism-alert AT palsolidarity.org ]
972 -2-277-4602

Send your protest

Minister of Interior, Avraham Poraz <sar at moin.gov.il>
CC to:
Foreign Minister Silwan Shalom <sar at mofa.gov.il>
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan ecu at un.org,
"Secretary od State,  Colin Powell" <secretary at state.gov>,
"Mr. Romano Prodi" <romano.prodi at cec.eu.int>,
"Mr. Terje Rod Larsen Personal Representative of the Secretary
General to the United Nations in Pal
estine" <unsco at palnet.com>
Politician/press of your choice

[sample text - in case you need it]

Dear Mr Poraz

In the short period since becoming Israel's Interior Minister you
have aalready gained the name of 
being far more beral than your 
predecessors. We therefore dare to hope that you will not cooperate
with the campaign against the i
nternational peace and human 
rights activists, and specifically that you will not issue
deportation orders against the two ISM a
ctivists who were arrested while 
inside the Rapprochement Office in Beit Sahour. 
The ISM is an organization which is helping Palestinians in a
creative, courageous and purely non-v
iolent way.
By doing so, they help prevent violence. Their removal can only make
things worse. 

Yours sincerely

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