Bill Gates: "failure of capitalism."

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Sat May 10 07:55:13 MDT 2003

It's interesting--when confronted with Libertarians, I often use
Microsoft as an example of how capitalism fails.

Theory: Competition, "invisible hand," etc. will bring greater market
diversity, higher quality, and lower prices.

Microsoft (capitalist) reality: Strong-arms the market and sells
over-priced, bloated kludgware where you subscribe to the "major
security flaw of the week" club.

Collective (one could even say socialist) reality: Linux is an
operating system developed communally over the Net. There are many
different varieties, from the standard RedHat, to my preferred classic
Slackware, to even a security-enhanced NSA distribution. It is
stronger, more stable, and more secure.

On a final note, I remember the laughter of the geek/Linux community
when Steve Ballmer, now Grand Poobah of Microsoft, announced that Open
Source (the philosophy that drives Linux and other free software
development) was "unamerican" and that "Congress should do something
about it."

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