Human Rights imperialism

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This seems like a powerful review of a powerful book.

But, I wonder if it deals with the beginnings of this human rights
principle, which I seem to recall first developed as a stick with which to
beat the Soviet Union - in other words, first developed as a tool of
imperialism as a weapon against the socialist world - parallelled with
attacks on the trade union movement in Britain and the United States against
the "closed shop" on behalf of the "rights" of workers to refuse to obey
strike calls from their union executives - and demanding the right to refuse
to join a trade union.... in other words, my remembrance is that the
principle has a long history in the armoury of the imperialists in the class
struggle in their own countries as well as internationally.

Perhaps others on this list can document some of this long history of the
use of this principle in the "liberal" struggle against working class
solidarity and collective rights.

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