You've forgotten another dirty pro-Cuba leftist

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Sun May 11 21:56:10 MDT 2003

>>Tom,  I quoted from the leader of the Cuban revolution, and if Cuba was
one of the more advanced countries of Latin America, woe is latin

Outrage noted again. But you see, Fidel is using selective data -- as we
all do in political argument from time to time.

And his facts (which I assume are correct, with some allowance for
rhetorical spin which is perfectly natural) do not really address the
question I asked.

For example, he says there was an employment rate similar to that of the
USA in the 1930s.

Does this prove Cuba was underdeveloped? Only if you think the USA was
underdeveloped in the 1930s.

It would be good to see some comparative stats for per capita GDP compared
to other countries, and for Cuba in the fifties versus Cuba later. Since
many list participants know more about Cuba than me, I thought perhaps they
could come up with them.

I guess I'll go and look myself, though Australia isn't the best place for
such a hunt.

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