Australian Socialist Alliance conference report

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Sun May 11 23:39:21 MDT 2003

Below is a link to an article I wrote for Green Left Weekly
on the Socialist Alliance conference in Melbourne this last
weekend. But here is some additional information about the

The political affiliation breakdown of the 121 delegates

Non-affiliate members: 43%
DSP: 32%
ISO: 14%
Other affiliate groups: 11%

Apart from putting on a great party for the Socialist
Alliance conference participants, the militant union rank &
file group in the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union,
Workers First, also donated $500 to the Socialist Alliance
on Day 2.

The DSP will soon make some offers about offices, organisers
and publications with the incoming Socialist Alliance
national executive which has 11 strongly pro-unity
independents and 10 reps of affiliate groups, including 2
DSP reps myself & Lisa Macdonald.

The conference also elected a five national co-convenors:
Lisa Macdonald (DSP), David Glanz (ISO), Riki Lane (Workers
Liberty), Michael Morphett (Non-Aligned Caucus) and John van
der Velden (Non-Aligned Caucus).

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Socialist Alliance takes a new step for left unity


MELBOURNE - On May 10, delegates to the second national
conference of the Socialist Alliance decided by a 75%
majority vote to move the alliance toward becoming a united,
multi-tendency socialist party.

The conference supported the following motion:

"To endorse the following eight points:

1. We want the Alliance to become a single, multi-tendency
socialist party.

2. We want to progress this move right now, starting with
this conference.

3. A commitment from affiliates to building the Socialist
Alliance through greater affiliate integration needs to be
demonstrated, in word and in deed.

4. Our multi-tendency socialist party should be as broad as

5. We accept and welcome a strong revolutionary socialist
stream as an integral part of our vision of a broad
socialist party.

6. We need strong democratic structures to accommodate

7. We need a common socialist voice: in our platform, in a
national paper, and in our campaigns.

8. The Alliance recognises the organisational and
programmatic integrity of its affiliate organisations and
welcomes their continued existence as tendencies within the

This decision is the culmination of months of debate in the
Socialist Alliance. Last September, the alliance's largest
affiliate, the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP), offered to
cease operating as a public organisation and transfer its
organisational and political resources to the alliance.


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