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May. 11, 2003. 08:25 AM
The Toronto Star

Conspiracy crusader doubts official 9/11 version


Barrie Zwicker gazes calmly into the camera, hands clasped, voice clear and 
resonant, looking the quintessential Canadian progressive: a colourful 
knitted vest over an open-collared shirt, a neat little beard, a 
personality that radiates boyish, almost naive friendliness.

Not a shard of irony, not a sliver of petulant, up-to-date narcissism.

Perfect. You couldn't possibly be more agreeable or less threatening.

Then, of course, he ruins it all by asking questions. They are questions 
that 99 per cent of Canadian journalists have not dared or deigned to ask, 
and that most Canadians would prefer not to hear.

In these strange times, asking direct and probing questions about 9/11 will 
get you instant put-downs.

Zwicker grins as he mimics the upward eye-roll and patronizing hand-flap 
that go along with the phrase "conspiracy theorist."

As Vision TV's media critic for the past 15 years, and as a journalist with 
a long list of solid credentials (he's worked at The Globe and Mail and The 
Toronto Star, taught at Ryerson University, and was awarded a Southam 
Fellowship at the University of Toronto), Zwicker should be safely out of 
the line of fire. It's a measure of his determination to challenge 
conventional wisdom that he has willingly kept his head up, instead of 
down, and tried to look facts right in the eye.

"You know, the people who just shrug off these questions with the 
`conspiracy theorist' epithet should be asked what they stand for. 
Unquestioning acceptance of the official narrative? Sure, there are 
outlandish theories out there — aliens, Atlantis — but there have also been 
real and huge conspiracies," Zwicker told me in an interview in his home 

I knew about some of those conspiracies. Last January, I wrote a column 
about American declassified documents that verify a long history of 
top-level conspiracies. The U.S. government, its military and its secret 
service have plotted to justify wars and impose their control on other 
countries through intricate secret schemes of drug-running, gun smuggling 
and assassination. They even considered rigging fake terrorist attacks that 
would cost American lives in order to stir the public to war-ready outrage.

Immediately, I was deluged with hundreds upon hundreds of approving e-mails 
from American citizens. Some of them praised the TV work of Barrie Zwicker 
— a Globe and Mail colleague of my youth.

I sat down, with a fair degree of skepticism, to watch Zwicker's video, The 
Great Deception, which challenges the U.S. government's account of what 
really happened on 9/11. Slowly, a frightening chill came over me. These 
were the very questions I had asked myself on 9/11 and for several weeks 
after. Failing to find easy answers, I had locked the subject away.

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