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Mon May 12 05:08:11 MDT 2003

Bill Berkowitz

Bremer of Iraq
Counter-terrorism and corporate crisis management specialist heads Iraq's

When L. Paul Bremer III sets down in Iraq as the U.S.'s new overseer of
reconstruction, he'll be bringing a lot of baggage along with him. Chosen by
President Bush for his expertise in counter-terrorism, crisis management and
diplomacy, Bremer has a resume that includes extended service in the Reagan
Administration, an eleven-year stint at Kissinger & Associates, and the
co-chairmanship of the Heritage Foundation's Homeland Security Task Force.
That President Bush has turned to a civilian and a skilled negotiator -- the
president called Bremer a "can-do-type person'' -- is indicative of the
administration's fear that events in post-war Iraq are in danger of spinning
out of control. Bremer, the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
Marsh Crisis Consulting, a subsidiary of the Marsh & McLennan Companies
(MMC), will take the reins of the multi-billion dollar reconstruction
project from retired Lt. Gen. Jay Garner, the administration's first civil
administrator, and assume command over the Office of Reconstruction and
Humanitarian Affairs.



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