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What follows is, more or less, the legal background of the Movimiento
Nacional de Fábricas Recuperadas por los Trabajadores (National
Movement of Plants Recovered by the Workers), as described by the
President and heart of the Movement, Luis Caro. These plants
constitute the overwhelming majority of the recovered firms, and they
don't appear on the media, mainly because their leadership is not
"politically correct" Leftist. Caro will run for Major of Quilmes on
the MNyP ticket during the next elections in the Province of Buenos

The opening statement (this is mainly for Sabri, who can't read
Spanish) runs like this:

"Expropriation of factory plants. A feasible way out. During these
times of economic depression, where a large amount of firms have
entered bankrupcy processes and still others are already bankrupt,
with the ensuing deterioration of productoin and the undesirable and
pathetic situation where thousands of workers are left out in the
cold without any prospect that might give them a short term hope,
there is no other way than recovery of the plants by solidarity
action of the workers themselves. Measures must be taken and actions
executed to change the depressive tendency. Remedies that are good
for good times are not useful any more. Workers cannot go on strike
because they fear to lose whatever little remains to them: little
amounts of work, lower salaries, and bad conditions at the workplace.
Businessmen or employers  become prey for large corporations who,
with their great financial resources (gran capacidad crediticia), buy
cheap and pay with very little risk in long instalments. Within this
economic circuit we are shown an ideal capitalism, but a capitalism
that lays off large amounts of unemployed with high technical skills
that very few countries in the world would leave unemployed in the
production of goods and services for the community that needs them
and benefits from them."

We may consider the above too "reformist", but this is what
Argentinean workers believe. This is the starting point. The great
mistake of our "Left" here is to dismiss this starting point.


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