Mr Blair (New York and Westminster)

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at
Mon May 12 09:24:54 MDT 2003

The NY Times reports today at
<> that THEIR Mr Blair
produced false dispatches and that "Times journalists have so far uncovered
new problems in at least 36 of the 73 articles Mr. Blair wrote since he
started getting national reporting assignments late last October. In the
final months the audacity of the deceptions grew by the week, suggesting the
work of a troubled young man veering toward professional self-destruction."

OUR Mr Blair gave lying reports to our Parliament in Westminster on at least
73 out of some 73 statements to our Parliament during 2002-3 about the war
against Iraq he and Bush were (not) planning.  Unfortunately - HE has not
had the decency to resign - and is now busy trying to get us all to believe
that he does not intend to undermine the British National Halth Service.

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