The Matrix Reloaded

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Mon May 12 14:40:44 MDT 2003

x. yuan wrote:

> hope i'm not stepping on too many toes here, as i'm new to the list
> and am still relatively young.  but i would like to respectfully
> differ

"i hated ... the movie" was a throw-away line, i was reading about the
new Northrup/Grumman contracts when Lou's message came in and thought
"that's the real Matrix reloading". i'd be interested in hearing your
take on the film. i know a lot of younger people really liked the

to me it was boring, a simple excuse for having virtual reality kung
fu fighting / computer generated scenes. i kept thinking to myself, if
you really want to BEAT these mofo's, unplug from the matrix and start
destroying HARDWARE. to choose a TV playground for a class war
battlefield seemed uhhhh ummmm naive to me.

incidentally i have nothing against popular films per se. Keanu Reeves
is cool some times. i like watching Ahnold in The Predator.

> and am still relatively young.


les schaffer

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