The firing of Jayson Blair

john e x03002f at
Tue May 13 22:55:29 MDT 2003

Kenneth Campbell writes:
> The way the Times describes the latitude it gives its reporters is very
> laudable.

Ahem...  the latitude to be a conduit for government lies and "leaks", as
exemplified by Judith Miller and many others of this ilk. Mr Jayson Blairs
mistake was not lying so much, as failing to lie in a way which his
employers deemed useful, or indeed, lying in such a way as to compromise
the credibility of an institution which specialises in respectable lies.\

> That is, it [the NYT] apparently gives a great deal of free reign on
> subject matter, copy editing, etc., to staff. These are things prized by
> the best investigative journalists. You don't get that in a lot of press
> outlets.

What? It's quite possible that I simply missed the investigation by these
fearless NYT journalists into the scrubbing of "felons" from the Florida
electoral rolls, or even that they were beaten to the story by Greg
Palast. But I do remember the NYT's role in the attempted frame up by the
state of an American nuclear scientist of Taiwanese origin a few years

> It's probably why the Times is regarded so well.

By who? Colin Powell and the ever rightward drifting liberal "centre"?

> He [Jayson Blair] took the self-governance granted to the work force and
> bent that system of rules to his own fraudulent gain. (Using the masks
> of modern technology to appear to be somewhere else.)

There was a screw up in a section of the Ministry of Truth. I would not
loose too much sleep over this.\

> Blair's actions are no better than a nurse that who lies about hospital
> inventories because she found a way to fudge them so she can have more
> personal time, or an auto worker who skips quality control measures
> because some form of technology permits it. It's an abuse and should be
> punished in any system of production.

This is hyperbole. Not even the NYT claims that Blair's plagiarism and
alleged misdemeanors put anybody's physical well being at risk.\


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