Sharon: 'Bantustan model is an appropiate solution'

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Wed May 14 01:11:57 MDT 2003

>From Haaretz:

People and Politics / Sharon's Bantustans are far from Copenhagen's hope
By Akiva Eldar
During his visit two weeks ago to Israel, former Italian prime minister
Massimo D'Alema hosted a small group of Israelis - public figures and former
diplomats - to a dinner at a Jerusalem hotel.
The former premier from the Italian left said that three or four years ago
he had a long conversation with Sharon, who was in Rome for a brief visit.
According to D'Alema, Sharon explained at length that the Bantustan model
was the most appropriate solution to the conflict.
An Israeli who spent many years nurturing Israeli relations with Africa was
also at the dinner hosted by the Italian prime minister. He said that
whenever he happened to encounter Sharon, he would be interrogated at length
about the history of the protectorates and their structures.


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