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Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Wed May 14 08:22:24 MDT 2003

Reds strikes me as similar to Doctor Zhivago, with heavy doses of
personal sentimentality using revolution as a backdrop.  It has as much
to do with the October Revolution as Gone with the Wind has with the
Civil War, or Cecil B. DeMille films has to do with the Bible or the
Roman Empire, or Lawrence of Arabia has to to do with Arabism. Reds
portraits the communist movement the way some hollywood films portrait
the Nazi regime, exotic mixed with eventual disillusionment.  The only
reason Reds appears sympathetic is because the pop culture has become so
used to demonic caricature of communism and the USSR, that a mild form
of condamnation appears courageous.

The Matrix is an entertaining film, nothing more.  Nancy Mitford defines
  highbrows as those who look at a suagage and see Picasso.  Those who
watch Matrix and saw revolutionary messages are mere revoultioan
highbrows.  It is just a film to make you part with the price of admission.

Henry C.K. Liu

Daniel Peyser wrote:
> Guess I thought Reds was a little more important.
> dan
> On Monday, May 12, 2003, at 06:28 PM, Juan Fajardo wrote:
>> Maybe, and I do, actually, love the movie, but frankly MIM lost me
>> with this bit:
>> "Larry and Andy Wachowski have directed a Hollywood film of
>> tremendous value -- a great gift to the revolutionary
>> movement on par with that of  'Reds'  politically"
>> - Juan F.

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