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Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at
Wed May 14 10:48:18 MDT 2003

At 10:22 AM 5/14/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Reds strikes me as similar to Doctor Zhivago, with heavy doses of personal
>sentimentality using revolution as a backdrop.  It has as much to do with
>the October Revolution as Gone with the Wind has with the Civil War, or
>Cecil B. DeMille films has to do with the Bible or the Roman Empire, or
>Lawrence of Arabia has to to do with Arabism. Reds portraits the communist
>movement the way some hollywood films portrait the Nazi regime, exotic
>mixed with eventual disillusionment.  The only reason Reds appears
>sympathetic is because the pop culture has become so used to demonic
>caricature of communism and the USSR, that a mild form of condamnation
>appears courageous.
>The Matrix is an entertaining film, nothing more.  Nancy Mitford
>defines  highbrows as those who look at a suagage and see Picasso.  Those
>who watch Matrix and saw revolutionary messages are mere revoultioan
>highbrows.  It is just a film to make you part with the price of admission.
>Henry C.K. Liu

umm...  i don't want my youth to be a constant cop-out here, but from my
admittedly inexperienced view sometimes a lotta cmrds here (sorry that i'm
only replying to henry's post here, i'm respectfully including others as
well) get a bit harsh with their characterizations.  sure, maybe i'm a bit
"highbrow" to think the matrix has *some* useful political messages despite
its flaws, but it's just an interpretation like someone else here said, and
i suppose i shouldn't expect everyone to see it the same way.  i really
hope i'm not way out of line here to attempt to challenge this, but off the
top of my head, i have no idea who this nancy mitford is, and i don't think
most youth, let alone working class youth of color, would.  and for that
matter, although i've wanted to see "reds", i haven't gotten to yet -
meanwhile most youth would think i'm talking about a baseball team from
ohio.  but yet we've all seen the matrix.  certainly, i think that's an
unfortunate phenomenon, and we should strive to change this order of
things, but let's accept that this is the way it is for most people at the
moment, and work from there.

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