The firing of Jayson Blair

john e x03002f at
Wed May 14 20:46:42 MDT 2003

Kenneth Campbell writes:\

> john e writes:
>  ... A bunch of hackneyed blather ...
> The Times is not monolithic in its internal structure.
Who said it was? But in any event, the differences expressed in the NYT
are invariably of a minor and tactical nature since it generally shares
the same assumptions and goals as the rest of the USA ruling class. In the
same sense one might say the Democratic party (or even the Republican
party) is not 'monolithic in its internal structure', but statements like
this are hardly a great revelation to anyone here.\

> Blair fucked up. Live with it.
This might have made some sense if anyone here contested the allegations
made against Blair, or thought that "defending" this individual from the
charges against him was important. As far I can tell, nobody here does.\

> Miller can be attacked in her own right. She is a puppet, a conduit, a
> different problem in western media.
> Ken.
The problem at the NYT goes beyond Judith Miller or any other individual
being a "puppet" or "conduit". Reprehensible as on may regard them,
individuals like this can as a rule only flourish insofar as they are able
to identify with and advance the goals of the institutions they work for.
It is most unlikely, for instance, that Judith Miller's recent dissembling
about such an important matter (bearing as it does on the political credit
worthiness of the US ruling class) as Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction"
did not have at least tacit approval from the highest levels of the
institution she works for. Ms Miller's consistent dissembling over the
last few months has every mark of a state run black operation, and one
supported by the NYT.\

A small irony therefore that this same institution, which is so economical
with the truth, has to save its own credibility by publicly firing an
employee for egregious lying.\

Your earlier reference to the ideal conditions provided to "investigative
journalists" at the NYT might have made sense if someone of the calibre of
Izzy Stone or Greg Palast (who recently exposed the ongoing scrubbing of
black voters from the USA electoral rolls) today was allowed to work
there. As things stand, harping here, about the "highly regarded" NYT is
simply absurd -- a case, seemingly, of misplaced loyalty.\


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