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Xyxyxyyx (Xyxy) Xyyxyx xyxy at
Thu May 15 11:07:44 MDT 2003

Pretty much everything that needs saying has been said, but I want to add
one small thought. Although it's just a big-budget Hollywood film, I think
it's worthwhile to remember that young people really do watch all of these
films (myself included here), and they can be used by activists to explain
concepts that we would otherwise have trouble explaining to a generation
fed on DisneyInc.

Take for example the Seattle protests in 1999. One of the slogans used
there that caught a lot of attention was, "Wake Up Muggles" - a reference
to the Harry Potter books (not then a major movie series). I can easily
imagine an eye-catching slogan of "Take the Red Pill" which could be an
interesting way to catch the attention of young people suggesting that the
capitalist system is like the Matrix, and that it's time to wake up from
inaction and a state of unconsciousness, "reload" with some new ideas, and
wage "revolution". It doesn't matter that this may not be what the
filmmakers had in mind. It's just worthwhile to remember that popular
culture is one of many ways of relating to people in the real world that is
non-alienating. This isn't of course any overall strategy to relating to
working-class people, it's one of many tactics that I think we should
certainly not discount.

I mean, really, It is after all the RED pill.


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