Subject: Planting evidence wasn't so easy

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Thu May 15 12:46:04 MDT 2003

Oh, I predict they'll "find" hard evidence of wmds. It's just that it
takes time to assemble a large cache of these weapons. Sort of like
the auto worker who managed to smuggle an entire Chevrolet out of the
assembly plant piece by piece.


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>From: "Eli Stephens" <elishastephens at>
>Subject: Planting evidence wasn't so easy
>I wrote some time ago I thought that the US would have a hard time planting
>chemical or biological (or nuclear, for that matter) weapons in Iraq that
>be convincing. Yet further evidence of that prediction today, in a Reuters
>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration has changed its tune on
>Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the reason it went to war there. Instead
>looking for vast stocks of banned materials, it is now pinning its hopes on
>documentary evidence.
>Planting documents - now that's something they can (and will) do rather
>easily. And, as an abundance of evidence tells us, something that won't get
>much scrutiny from the "liberal" press (on the latter point, be SURE to see
>the latest Tom Tomorrow cartoon):

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