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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu May 15 13:17:34 MDT 2003

Against my better judgement, I subbed to the Progressive Sociologists
Network list which is moderated by a fellow named Lauren Langman who was
president for two terms of the American Sociologists Association Marxist
section. Around the time of the last ASA convention in Chicago, he
reminded his colleagues on PSN: "Make reservations for Trotter's now,
will be booked by asa, and may leave town, I guarantee the best
$150/person dinner you ever had." He also posted a link to a cartoon of
Osama bin-Laden getting fucked in the ass by Uncle Sam during the war in

I try to participate in these leftish, academic lists even though the
general level of discussion is a combination of the banal and the
infantile. It also galls me in particular that the list is premoderated
and that this individual Langman is vetting my every post, some of which
get lost in space for political reasons I suspect.

In any case, after I posted Michael Lebowitz's pro-Cuba petition, it
unleashed a debate among these high-falutin' Marxist sociologists about
whether communism can ever work and why Castro is such a beast. It is
the kind of discussion I used to hear 30 years ago from undergraduates
in dormitories when I was selling subs to the Militant newspaper. It is
all I can do to keep myself from screaming like the character in the
Edvard Munch painting.

The debate prompted this pearl of wisdom from Doug Henwood:

 >>These damn petition circulators have succeeded in getting lots of
people to talk about Cuba at a moment when the U.S. is all pumped up and
ready for some hot imperial action. Nice diversion, guys. If this is
"getting one's bearings," it might be better to be lost.<<

Don't you just love it? Let's stop wasting time arguing about Cuba since
the USA is on permanent imperialist war footing?


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