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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu May 15 14:31:17 MDT 2003

Kenneth Campbell wrote:
> Eeesh.
> What happened to Martha Giminez? Didn't she run that list back in 1994
> or so? I have communicated with Martha privately, about other matters,
> but not about PSN.

She never posts anything except announcements. The two guys that seem to
be in charge are the gourmet Langman and Steve Rosenthal who seems stuck
in a 1960s Maoist time warp. He just wrote a sectarian attack on the
Cuban revolution of the sort I used to hear from the PLP in 1969.

> I recall being a member of it back then, and, while it had the usual
> suspects (sociologist sheep bleating about soft-and-fuzzy things) I
> don't recall anything like _that_.

Well, the archives are at: See for


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