Socialist Feminist Retreat (5/30-6/1, Bay Area)

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Sat May 17 11:25:17 MDT 2003

Socialist Feminist Retreat (5/30-6/1, Bay Area) -- Program:
Socialist Feminist Retreat Flyer:
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Speakers & Topics: Rachel Quinn on California budget cuts and the
fight for public resources | Anne Glatt on welfare rights activism
against marriage promotion | Erin Small on gender, sexuality and
democracy | Jennifer Biddle on gender discrimination at the workplace
| Johanna Brenner on feminists critical assessment of the
revolutionary socialist left | Stephanie Luce on contemporary
feminist struggles and socialist organization | Catherine Sameh on
integrating feminist and queer liberation politics into our socialism
| Simmi Ghandi on the connections between domestic, state and
imperialist violence | Johanna Brenner on democracy and the politics
of care | Dean Spade on why anti-capitalists need a transgender
politics and why queer activists need anti-capitalist politics |
reports from activists anti-imperialism and socialist-feminism :our
work in the global justice and anti-war movements | Simmi Ghandi on
internationalism and the importance of anti-imperialism to feminist
liberation struggles | Dean Spade on class, transgender rights and
attacks on civil liberties in war time | Rebecca Solomon on student,
parent, teacher alliances for education reform and against the war |
an activist from war times

Movies: _Elevator Girls in Bondage_ (The Cockettes [Cf.
<>], 1972) & _Fanci's Persuasion_ (Charles
Herman-Wurmfeld, 1994).

For more information, contact Solidarity west coast organizer
Catherine at solidarity.feminists at or call Mia at 503.736.1014.

* Calendars of Events in Columbus:
<>, & <>
* Student International Forum: <>
* Committee for Justice in Palestine: <>
* Al-Awda-Ohio: <>
* Solidarity: <>

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