Ramsey Clark and Milosevicz

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat May 17 18:53:26 MDT 2003

>The key point here is that Clark WAS APPOINTED BY the  so-
>called "Hague Tribunal" -- an illegal court, controlled and funded by
>western governments and bankers.

But the "key point" is not supported by any impartial newspaper. You should
make an effort to track down the newspaper coverage of what happened.
Milosevic refused to be represented by a lawyer in a court that he did not
recognize, but accepted Clark as a legal adviser. Eventually he changed his
mind because this would limit the number of people he could meet with. You
make it sound like the Hague assigned Clark like a criminal court in NYC
would assign somebody from Legal Aid. Not true.

>Therefore, can you criticize J. Israel for being a little suspicious (to
>say the least) when Clark then goes against Milosevic's wishes
>and decides to speak on his behalf?  I would be to.  Perhaps,  it is
>a bit farfetched (though I happen to think otherwise) to  make the
>leap from Clark going against Milosevic's wishes to Clark being a
>patsy of the court. But, it is not a fair to criticize Clark for at the
>very least inadvertently doing the bidding of the so-called "Hague
>Tribunal"  (and its sponsor -- western imperialism)?

Of course not. You have to get out more. In the salon socialist and liberal
milieu, Clark is regarded as a denizen of the 9th circle of Serb hell. Only
on the ultra-leftwing of the Internet, which is populated mostly by those
who were miseducated in 1960s sectarianism, can such absurd charges arise.
It reminds me of the charges that were bandied about in the Shining Path
left about who was or was not an agent of Fujimori.

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