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Dear friends,
the last week the participants in the Conference" Carlos Marx and the
challenges for the XXI Century" that had place in The Habana entre the 5 and
10 of May agreed on not ignoring the critical threat situation that Cuba
lives after the war of Iraq. We consider that it was the hour of closing
lines around the revolution in which so many hopes are played. Here I send
you a communicate that was signed by most of the participants and I want you
to read it and if you agree sign it and circulate it. We are happy with the
endorsement we have received already.
Adhesional signature can be send marxdream at

A big hug
Marta Harnecker

Dreams and Nightmares

Communique of Solidarity by Foreign Participants in the international
conference ´Karl Marx and the challenges of the 21st century'´

1. Humanity has always dreamt of a better world, one marked by equality,
solidarity, and the ability of all people to survive and develop their human
potential. Today we are living through a nightmare, in a new era of world
domination: that of armed neoliberalism.

2. The series of interventionist wars, from Yugoslavia to Iraq, traversing
Afghanistan, constitutes what seems to be only the beginning of a longer

3. But fortunately the recent and immense protest against the war and in
favor of peace has demonstrated that the people of the world , including
significant sectors of the North American people, reject this nightmare.

4. This project is led by a group of leaders from the United States who
don't only look to control the resources of the planet, but also to
establish a universal juridical, political and moral order under their
cynical hegemony.

5. These leaders are militarizing the world and are initiating what they
call cynically "preventive wars". They do not hesitate to violate
international rights and to generalize the inhuman practices inaugurated at
Guantánamo. Further they do not hesitate to reduce the civic liberties of
their own citizens and to destroy the democratic tradition of their own

6. They do not hesitate to adopt attitudes and actions with hegemonic and
racist characteristics.

7. Cuba is at the doorway of the empire and it fears, not without reason,
that it can be one of the next targets. There are many signs that support
this fear: the growing media offensive, the accusations of terrorism,
diverse type of provocations, an increase of the extent of the blockade, the
financial support of opposition and of subversion, the announcement of
future attacks on the country by government spokesmen.

8. Today Cuba is trying to realize those dreams of a better world. No one
knows better than the Cuban people themselves how far they have to go yet to
realize their dreams. But the political and social achievements of the
revolution, the result of their socialist project, demonstrate that dreams
can be realized. Those achievements and hopes for a better world are
threatened by a power based in inequality, force and war.

9. Despite our pain about the recent use of capital punishment in Cuba, a
pain we know is shared by the Cuban government itself, we understand that we
must fight against the nightmare that threatens Cuba and all our dreams for
a better world. We denounce the current process of violence on the part of
the U.S. government. We oppose turning Cuba into another Iraq, and we
reaffirm our solidarity with the Cuban people and their revolution.

May 8, 2003

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