Jose Rodriguez: Lieutenant of capital and murderers

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Mon May 19 00:36:33 MDT 2003

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Is this the same José Rodríquez, president of SMATA,
who just has been relieved of his functions as
vice-president of the International Metalworkers
Federation, whose president is the president of IG
Metall of Germany, Klaus Zwickel? 


The same an only.  Jose Rodriguez is known for having
made his career as a trade union official breaking
strikes - including two Mercedes Benz workers' strikes
- using goons. In the 70s, one of those strikes by
Mercedes Benz workers was physically attacked - using
chains, sticks and firearms - by goons from SMATA's
union.  They strike was violently broken off and after
that the bosses fired most of the workers' committee
at the factory and many other activists.  Jose
Rodriguez led that attack against workers.

Rodriguez and many other trade union officials later
collaborated with he military dictatorship to identify
leftist activists in factories and workplaces so the
military death squads would take care of them.

"That's what a I read in a newspaper here on Saturday.
According to the note in the paper, 70 IG Metall
officers in German Daimler-Chrysler factories had
asked Zwickel in April to sack his vice for ahving
collaborated with the dictatorship; the paper
mentioned the arrest and disappearance of 15 union
leaders at Daimler in Argentina in the year 1977."

Better late than never. Zwickel and others knew for
many years - as far as the early 70s - that Rodriguez
and others were just goons at the service of the

The 15 is just the tip of the iceberg. 


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