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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon May 19 07:55:52 MDT 2003

> Apparently the list discussed Zizek a lot before I came on.  Did he have any
> defenders or was it just a good old mugging?  If you'd like to continue this
> back channel, I'm OK with that.
> Paul H. Dillon

As I pointed out, Jeff Kinkle, who was here for a while, defended Zizek.
This was his initial contribution:

Mason G., aka Kilgore_Trout, who is still here, is also partial to Zizek.

Generally speaking, those who have read Zizek here--like me--are not too
  impressed with his work. But mostly people find little reason to read
him. The bulk of Marxmail's subscribers are activists up to their
eyeballs in organizing the mass movement. They tend to read stuff that
will help them in their work, like books dealing with recent history in
the Middle East, etc.


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