What happened in history on May 19th?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at enet.cu
Mon May 19 16:26:23 MDT 2003

by Walter Lippmann, Moderator, CubaNews list

May 19th is a day for joy as well as recognition for
justice-minded people everywhere in today's world.

On this date in 1890, Ho Chi Minh was born into a
family of patriotic scholars. As a child his name was
Nguyen Sinh Cung. Later it was changed to Nguyen
Tat Thanh. Still later he took the name by which he
became known internationally, Ho Chi Minh. He later
played a central role in the organization of Vietnam's
successful struggle for national independence. He
died in 1969. In his final testament, Ho Chi Minh
wrote (three short excerpts):

About personal matters - All my life, I have served
the Homeland, the revolution and the people with
all my heart and strength. If I should now depart
from this world, I would have nothing to regret,
except not being able to serve longer and more.
When I am gone, a grand funeral should be
avoided in order not to waste the people's time
and money.
My ultimate wish is that our entire Party and
people, closely joining their efforts, will build
a peaceful, reunified, independent, democratic
and prosperous Vietnam, and make a worthy
contribution to the world revolution.
Hanoi, 10 may 1969

Read more about Ho Chi Minh's life here:

On this date in 1925, Malcolm X was born in Omaha,
Nebraska, as Malcolm Little. A witness to and victim
of the violence, greed and racism which are central
ideological blocks of the culture of the United States,
he became a teacher, educator and activist whose
teachings are indispensable to an understanding of
the United States and its role in today's world.

Pathfinder Press continues to keep many of the
key works of Malcolm X in print and may be found
at http://www.pathfinderpress.com

See and hear a video of Fidel Castro in Harlem
in 1960 where Fidel met with Malcolm X here:

On this date in 1930, the great poet and playwright
Lorraine Hansberry was born. Her famous play,
A RAISIN IN THE SUN, was the first play by a
Black Woman ever to be produced on Broadway
and is still regularly performed. In a 1959 talk,
Hansberry said this about her play:

"What the play tries to say is that we really
don't have very much in the world at all if we
allow any aspect of money values to transcend the
requirements that are necessary for human dignity."

On this date in 1895, the poet, activist, and writer
Jose Marti, apostle of Cuban independence, was killed
in battle at the beginning of Cuba's second war for its
national independence. I've no doubt this will be one
important topic in the Cuban media today.

On this date in 2003 (today) I received an excellent
speech given by Arundhati Roy in Harlem May 13.

The speech was so inspiring, as hers normally are,
that I made up a separare web page for her talk:

Finally, on May 18, 1895, Augusto Cesar Sandino,
father of the modern struggle for Nicaraguan national
independence, was born. Read a bit about him here:


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