URGENT: Support WBAI Cuba marathon Thursday

Walter Lippmann walterlx at enet.cu
Mon May 19 16:46:16 MDT 2003

("Cuba in Focus" is probably the only
regularly scheduled program in the US
whose sole focus is the island and its
politics, society and relationship with
the United States. [Francisco Aruca's
programs are great, but have a focus
on broader issues as well as Cuba.]

From: "sally" <omoot at yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2003 7:25 PM

Dear All

This is an urgent call for support for this marathon special
on Cuba from the "Cuba in Focus" collective, Basir Mchawi of
"Education at the Crossroads" and Rosa Clemente of "Where
We Live".

On May 20th Bush will unveil his new Cuba policy, and in
light of increased aggression against the island (including
the expulsion of 14 diplomats last week!)

This type of information is desperately needed if an armed
agression against Cuba is to be circumvented by those who
support the continuation of the Cuban revolution.

Secondarily, we need to show the management at WBAI that
this type of programming about Cuba is important and
supported by the listeners...

We urge you to support us in this fund drive by pledging
whatever monetary support you can... We appreciate it and
pledge back to you that we will continue to produce high
quality programs on this subject.

Yours in struggle,

Sally O'Brien
(ps.  please forward this to your list serves)


Subject: Support Cuba Special on WBAI 5/22/03

You are cordially invited to tune into WBAI - 99.5FM - on
Thursday, May

22nd, from 7PM 'til midnight, for a special program on Cuba.
Join Sally O'Brien, Gail Walker, Rosa Clemente, Basir
M'chawi and Kristian Bello in a WBAI Spring Marathon special
highlighting recent events on the island and US-Cuba
relations in the New World Order.

Hear from Orlando Requijo, Cuba's Deputy Ambassador to the
United Nations, Ricardo Alarcon President of Cuba's National
Assembly, Francisco Aruca, a Miami-based Cuban journalist,
Philip Agree, a former CIA agent, and Jane Franklin, a
renowned author and lecturer on US-Cuba relations.

Live -in studio guests include Rev. Lucius Walker, Founding
Director of IFCO/Pastors for Peace and other special guests.

Help show that you support programing about Cuba at WBAI.
Please be sure to tune in -- Thursday, May 22nd from 7PM
'til midnight on WBAI

99.5 FM in New York...Also streaming live on the Web at

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