The truth about Hitler?

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Mon May 19 16:42:40 MDT 2003

The German Jews also supported Hitler in the early days, particularly
the rich and the intellectual. The real quarrel Hitler had with the Jews
were Jewish internationalism which favored the British Empire.

Aryan supremacy did not originate with Hitler. The Count de
Boulainvilliers held that French nobility were decendants of a supperior
race of Germans who had occupied Gaul.  This elitist theory was revived
by Count de Gobineau and became one source of the doctrine of Nordic and
aryan supremacy, which came out of the development of physical and
cultural anthropology as the concept of race. Modern anti-Semitism grew
alongside the rise of ethnic nationalism, which in turn fueld Zionism.
Social Darwinism condoned the idea of race superiority and the moral
pupose of war and imperialism.  Hitler was also anti-aristocracy,
anti-clericalism, anti-captialism, abti-socialism, anti-cosmopolitanism,
anti-internationalism and anti-hydridization.

Henry C.K. Liu

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