Iraqi Women Out of the Picture

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Mon May 19 17:46:11 MDT 2003

>>It would have made a good deal of difference if Iraqi women had been able
to gain what they did in large part by virtue of their own self-organizing,
but equal participation of women in social and political life and social
democratic programs that benefit women have seldom been made possible on
account of women's autonomous struggles alone -- everywhere in the world,
they have been joint products of favorable economic circumstances (manpower
shortage due to war and
other social crises) and political struggles (for reform or
revolution) that encompassed the whole of national life.<<

Yes I guess it would have made a difference. But would the difference would
be positive or negative?

Don't all significant social changes come from a conjuncture of "objective
circumstances" and generalised struggles? Eg workers (female and male),
peasants and soldiers against the backdrop of war in 1917? Or the
intersection of civil rights, student and anti-war movements, rank and file
unrest in industry in the late sixties which are all background to women's

Would it really be better if women had to fight on their own?

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