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<<<<He was also quoted as saying: "It basically boils down to an
nation gripped by fear, who ultimately chose to give up their civil
rights and plunged the whole world into war.">>>>

  Which would go against the wide spread belief that the
Germany's backing of Hilter and the  Holocaust was the result of
the pervasive and deap-seat ("Aryan") German hatred for Jews.
Obviously, the "neo-cons" (and "liberals" like Deborah Lipstadt)
would take exception to this remark.


There is no question, if one reads Mein Kampf, that Hitler favored all along
what came to be the "Endlosen" or "Final Solution" of total annihilation of
Jews from the face of the earth. Still, Hitler had a sense of gradually
building a mass social base through deception and various alliances, in
order to use nominally "democratic" processes to undermine and destroy the
very ones--and others--he would use; he also understood that final
consolidation of State power did not take place with his taking of the
Chancellor position on Jan 30, 1933--he did not yet have total control of
the Army, Navy and all internal police forces. Because so many German Jews
had assimilated and had held important positions in the military and
government in World War I, and many had been decorated, Hitler had to move
cautiously. The "First Solution" was forced emigration but many German Jews
stayed, even denounced Communists and Socialists, were not even Zionists and
referred to themselves as "Germans First", often pleading with other Jews
that Hitler was not really serious, that the "Second Solution"
(Ghettoization and Internment) took off around 1935 following the 1935
Nuremberg "Race Laws". The Final Solution, elements of which had been
carried out ad-hoc from 1937 onward, was formally articulated and given a
rationale at the Wansee Conference on January 20, 1942 (although mass
exterminations by Einsatzgruppen had been going on for some time).

Hitler's so-called "National Socialism" was of course a fraud designed to
draw in de-classed workers, lumpenproletariat and even some in the military
with nominally--or crude--socialist tendencies. Fascism, like bourgeois
democracy, favoring only the interests of a few, yet requiring a semblance
of a mass social base to help put in and ratify fascist powers through
nominally "democratic" mechanisms, uses divide-and-rule, deception, fraud
and whatever until assuming full state power. Even then, they attempt to
keep elements of the mass social base that got them in. Hitler, was not only
anti-communist and anti-socialist, he called himself "anti-bourgeois" (a
reference to certain elements of the overall capitalist class, usually the
more educated ones, that he particularly detested) but he was decidedly
pro-capitalist to the core. True, he had a vision of State Capitalism that
some of the private capitalists feared as a check on their own unbridled
powers and profitabilities, but he was definitely a pro-capitalist and
suggested so repeatedly in his speeches and in Mein Kampf.

Finally, this piece of shit movie has even one of Hitler's own myths in it
as fact. After assumption of State power, and even before, Hitler began
creating myths, symbols, traditions and an ersatz history of the movement in
order to further build and celebrate it. One of their founding myths was
that Hitler was in the front of the demonstration and was wounded during the
Munich Putsch. Actually, and this is testified to by one of his cronies in
the film version of "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (3 1/2 hour
version) narrated by William Shirer, when Hitler saw the roops lined up, he
faded to the middle of the demonstration and was grabbed and hauled off to a
back alley away from the demonstration; he was never wounded not even a

Finally, with all his hatred of Jews, Sinti/Roma, Slavs and others, Hitler
made compromises himself. See particularly "Hitler's Jewish Soldiers" The
Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German
Military>" by Bryan Mark Rigg, Univ. Press of Kansas, 2002. Referred to as
"Mischlinge" or "partial Jews" as many as 150,000, including high-ranking
officers, even Generals (many say Heydrich was an "overcompensating
Mischlinge") and Admirals were in this category. And finally, as Tom Segev
documented in his "The Seventh Million", many of the hard-core Zionists
collaborated openly with the nazis (being assured that their interests were
mutually compatable as the nazis wanted Jews out of Europe and so did the
Zionists--to Palestine, or at least some of them.

What cage in Guantamamo would the producer of this movie be in if he had
said it more clearly: 9-ll is to little George was the Reichstag Fire was to

Jim C.

Jim C

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