The truth about Hitler?

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> I assume you have heard the expression "German Jew syndrome".  

  I haven't. 

  And you make a number of assertions I also have never heard before,

> The Nazi 
> Party received support from rich German Jews prior to Hitler's gaining 
> dictatorial power.  
> German 
> Jewish financial houses contributed to the Nazi Party prior to 1933 
> along with other German big businesses which were dominated by 
> significant Jewish share holdings.  
  and jews 

> had connection in the Nazi Party through earlier campaign 
> contributions, 

   but you do not give the slightest hint on any documentary evidence
of these allegations. 

   In how far Jews are an ethnic group, as you describe them is
debatable, and they were and are more divided than you describe them:

> Jews are just 
> like any other ethnic group: complex, divided, calculating, with wide 
> range of ideological disparity.

   they are torn apart by unresolvable class conflict, and this was
true for Jews in Germany before 1933 as well. 

   So you certainly had parts of the German bourgeoisie of Jewish
religion or origin, who were bitterly opposed to anything remotely
similar of a working class movement, but I have not heard of any of
them giving material support to the Nazi party, since they were all
quite very well aware of the centrality of antisemitism in the Nazi
propaganda and practice. 

  So, when you make such astonishing claims, you should be able to
point out some evidence. 

  Sure, many Jews believed that it would "not be so bad in the end",
and that the Nazi movement would not realize the blueprint for
extermination laid out in "Mein Kampf". 

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