MCI & Danny Glover

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Tue May 20 08:10:35 MDT 2003

Danny Glover has been an outspoken opponent of the war against
Iraq, speaking at several San Francisco rallies. Lately, in what proved
to be the "final straw" for the right-wing, he defended Cuba by signing
the Statement of Conscience. Unfortunately for Glover, he was also
the public face (he rejects the label of "spokesperson") of MCI (a.k.a.
WorldCom), appearing as the main actor in their ad campaign. As a
result of  this, in the last two weeks or so there has been a MAJOR
right-wing campaign (talk shows, etc.) to get MCI to drop him from
their ads. You can judge whether this campaign succeeded or not
by the response I received (very promptly, I might add) from MCI to
an email I sent them:

>I have received your e-mail regarding Danny Glover.

>We sincerely value your opinion about our advertising.

>Our contract with Danny Glover runs through January 2004 and we
>intend to honor our contract. With the campaign having run its
>course, we are moving to new creative which is more closely tied to
>our new MCI corporate branding campaign in terms of its look and

So, perhaps the right-wing succeeded, perhaps MCI is telling the
truth above, or perhaps in the face of a $500 million fine they
simply couldn't afford his services. In any case, the APPEARANCE of
the situation to most people is that a right-wing campaign DID
succeed in getting him fired (or dropped, if you prefer).

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