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Tue May 20 09:48:17 MDT 2003

Jim Craven writes:
>The rest, speaks to the quality of organized Trotskyism
>and of some of the individuals in the movement; they are
>still stuck in the 1930s

This would be news to anyone outside the insular circles
of the North American left.

Some recent accomplishments of individuals coming out of
the Trotskyist tradition (as opposed to "organized
Trotskyism", which doesn't exist anymore).  No sectarian
horn-tooting hear, just calling your attention to some facts
you probably have overlooked:

- the SUD union in the telecom and rail sectors in France,
initiated by the LCR

- The World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, and by extension
the governmentsPorto Alegre  and Rio Grande do Sul.  No
WSF without the work of the Socialist Democracy tendency
inside the PT.  The governments of RGdS and PA is ful of SD

- The new agricultural minister in Brazil, Miguel Rossetto,
is an SD member.  The only reason he's agricultural minister
is because the massive MST landless movement *demanded* he
be the one to fill the slot.

- the role played by individuals like Livio Maitan in the
leadership of Rifondazione Communista in Italy.

- And, credit where it's due, the massive and awesome role
the British Socialist Worker's Party played in the single
largest national movement against the Iraq war.

- Youth activists in ATTAC here in Germany tell me that the
LCR is playing the central role in mobilizing protestors for
the G8 summit in Evian, France next month.

I don't think Craven is a Stalinist, but I do think he doesn't
have the slightest clue what he's talking about on this particular

The above, incidentally, also gives the lie to Lou's rather
nasty comment about "Trotskyism" (what is that, anyway?) being
represented by ivory-tower academics, of which Daniel Bensaid
is supposed to be an example.

For the record, I thought the FI statement on Cuba was awful. I
plan to say as much inside the FI.  But I think constructive debate
can do without all the shit-slinging.


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