Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Tue May 20 11:04:51 MDT 2003

Alex wrote:

Some recent accomplishments of individuals coming out of
the Trotskyist tradition (as opposed to "organized
Trotskyism", which doesn't exist anymore).  No sectarian horn-tooting hear,
just calling your attention to some facts you probably have overlooked:

Response (Jim C): Actually there are, in my opinion, many accomplishments
from individuals who have come out of the Trotskyist tradition--usually
after they left the organized movement.

Alex wrote:

For the record, I thought the FI statement on Cuba was awful. I plan to say
as much inside the FI.  But I think constructive debate can do without all
the shit-slinging.


Response (Jim C): This is wonderful--democratic centralism and keeping it
inside. Well how about when the Vietnamese were under extreme seige,
suffering unprecedented bombing and all sorts of chemical/biological
warfare, and what did we get? We got public "support" in the form of various
slogans while we got also in the pages of the Militant etc the usual slander
about the Vietnamese CP being "Stalinists" (the CIA line), about "deformed
workers' state" (whatever that means) and the usual armchair running of
everybody else's revolution--while removed from the actual conditions of
those revolutions--and all of a sudden they do not like public "shit
slinging" against the so-called FI while that is exactly what they do to the
Cuban revolution and many others around the world.

This is my last comment on this; I really didn't mean to take it to this
level and frankly, I don't think organized Trotskyism is even worth
attacking--that is how totally irrelevant they really are.

Jim C

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