Subject: UK state: Northern Ireland

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Tue May 20 12:12:09 MDT 2003

I would  think it is almost certainly another, more recent conflict
that has helped push the British elite over the edge with respect to
its dirty war tactics in Ireland. I refer, of course, to the Iraq
war, and the fissures and strains it has created within the British
ruling class.


At 9:58 AM -0400 5/20/03, marxism-digest wrote:
>Why have Britain's dirty war tactics become such an explosive issue now? And
>why are sections of the British elite seriously clashing over their 25-year
>war in Northern Ireland? This squalid infighting among the British
>authorities is less an effort to see justice done in Northern Ireland than a
>bad dose of post-conflict confusion and uncertainty. It is British
>self-loathing that has made dirty war tactics such a focal point.

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