Ricardo Alarcon on ABC This Week (answer to Walter L.)

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at ix.netcom.com
Tue May 20 13:33:31 MDT 2003

Yes, I did read your notes on your journey to Vinales, with mixed
feelings. With the advent of the "special period" and the second
blockade Cuba, placed between the provervial rock and the hard
place, has had to make some painful adjustments (some privatization,
self-employment, system of taxes, dollarization of part of the
economy) that have real effects on the socio-economic structure
(income distribution is one example). It makes me feel uneasy about
tourism. I can only hope that it will not become a Trojan horse... (This
is not a criticism of the decisions made, just a personal concern or

The picture of the cart and the two oxen brought memories of my
childhood in South West France (mid 50s), in a village called
Caraman. Every Thursday the farmers brought their goods to the
market with their oxen-pulled carts... Fridges were not common and
carts' wheels were made of wood then.

Yes, of course, the ABC transcript of the interview is for sale.
Advertising revenues are not enough to pay for the 'wages' of the
opinion makers!!! The transcript does not do justice to some of the
genial moments of the interview. At one point, Stephanopoulos
mentioned 1962 and the missile crisis. Alarcon's eyes brightened with
a flash of pride and pleasure (and possibly nostalgia) when he said,
"Yes, those were the days." Or when Stephanopoulos made the usual
charge that Castro needs to "maintain the U.S. as an enemy," inferring
what so many of the institutionalized left (Casey, Landy et al.) have
openly asserted, that the blockade helps Castro to stick to power,
Alarcon laughed and simply said, " Really, if that were the case, the
key is in the US hands. Lift the embargo, put an end to the hostility
and all this subversive activities in Cuba." Stephanoblablabla moved
on to something else real fast! :-)

Funny how these sophists cannot grasp a simple sophism of the first
The embargo helps Castro to stay in Power.
We want Castro out of power.

Finally, a personal note: At one point Alarcon remarked, in the
context of the expulsion of 14 Cuban diplomats whether they would
respond by expelling US diplomats, "We are not going to play, to play
their game."

I keep repeating on Swans that the only way not to play a game is to
not play. That is indeed the only way.

(BTW, Alarcon was introduced as a "Senior adviser of Fidel." Is he
not Vice President?)


[Walter wrote:]
Probably you'd have to pay
for the transcript. Back in
the old days they gave out
things like that. But now in
these new days of the
privatization of everything.

Did you read my notes on
the journey to Vinales?


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Ricardo Alarcon was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos
this Sunday on
ABC' This Week.

Has anyone, by any change, managed to get the transcript of
the interview?
(it's not on the ABC Web site, to my knowledge.)


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