The truth about Hitler?

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Frankly, this debate amazes me as being funny. Johannes countinues to say
that Jews (for obvious reasons) were opposed to Hitler.

>From what I read, nobody on the list, including Henry, argued otherwise.
Henry was talking about "some" Jews who cut a deal with Hitler. Zionist-Nazi
deal is a well known fact in history. As in every ethnic group, there were
betrayers among Jews too.

What is so big deal about exposing this? are we "bordering" the charge of
anti-semitism again..?:-))

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> > Henry C.K. Liu:
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> > > The Nazi
> > > Party received support from rich German Jews prior to Hitler's gaining
> > > dictatorial power.
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> > I doubt, that this happened in any relevant extent. There might be
> > individuals who did so, but for obvious reasons German Jews (across
> > lines) opposed Hitler
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>   From what I've read on the topic, I think Henry's interpretation is
> correct. You seem to be saying that ' I don't know much about this
> topic, but none the less, Henry interpretations is way offf '.  if you're
> unsure about the facts, look inot the issue first, then take a
> position.

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