Louis Proyect: The truth about Hitler?

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Tue May 20 13:45:51 MDT 2003


You will find a section about the Jewish presence in the German
steel and chemical industry when you scroll down the link. I didn't
notice anything about automobiles, however.

 Big business support for Hitler
> mapped to the heavy industry sector as explained by Daniel Guerin in
> "Fascism and Big Business". Namely, the steep requirements of fixed
> capital in the chemical, steel, auto industries, etc. forced the bosses
> to break the back of labor. It was only through the liquidation of the
> trade unions and the parties that led them that variable capital could
> be reduced, thus allowing profits to rise again.
> By the same token, light industry, retail and finance tended to oppose
> Hitler because these sectors required a more consumer-oriented approach.
> Needless to say, it is exactly in these sectors that the Jewish
> bourgeoisie was represented and not in heavy industry. Although I don't
> recall Guerin dealing with Jewish big business per se, I will take a
> look when I get home tonight. I have a rather extensive collection of
> books on the ties between Hitler and big business.

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