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I did not have the wonderful privilege of seeing Bush climb out of the jet;
I think I would have barfed.  But several people I know who did immediately
noted a resemblance to the Hitler scene in "Triumph of the Will" which,
whatever you think of its content (I despise it, of course), was a very
skillful piece of propaganda.  I show it to my students sometimes for that
reason.  Yes, they almost invariably find it slow-paced by today's
hyperactive film standards.  But they still find it powerfully effective.  I
could be mistaken but I don't think Riefenstahl, whatever she was in those
days, was ever an overt racist.  In recent decades -- she's still alive at
100 plus -- she took a fascination with "The Primitive" in the form of a
coffee table book on the East African Nubians.


P.S. So, following out this cinematic analogy, what do comrades think: Are
we in a new period of fascism here in Amerikkka?

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