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Tue May 20 14:54:09 MDT 2003

I did not have the wonderful privilege of seeing Bush climb out of the jet;
I think I would have barfed.  But several people I know who did immediately
noted a resemblance to the Hitler scene in "Triumph of the Will" which,
whatever you think of its content (I despise it, of course), was a very
skillful piece of propaganda.  I show it to my students sometimes for that
reason.  Yes, they almost invariably find it slow-paced by today's
hyperactive film standards.  But they still find it powerfully effective.  I
could be mistaken but I don't think Riefenstahl, whatever she was in those
days, was ever an overt racist.  In recent decades -- she's still alive at
100 plus -- she took a fascination with "The Primitive" in the form of a
coffee table book on the East African Nubians.


One of the films I have in my collection is called "Fuhrer: The Seduction of
a Nation." In it, a bunch of ad executives and p.r. types go through some of
the staged events of the nazis, Hitler's speaking styles etc and relate them
to "modern" theories of p.r., crowd hypnosis/persuasion etc and note that
many of the modern techniques used today the nazis had figured out and
effectively used.

Jim C.

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