Samir Amin on the Historical Roots of U.S. Fascism

Pieinsky pieinsky at
Tue May 20 19:33:03 MDT 2003

As an historian, I can think of any number of exception and qualification to
Samir Amin's broad generalizations.  But what he has to say is still quite
interesting:  His remarks
are directed to Europe, it seems, to stand up to the new fascist threat.
OK.  Well, maybe.  But how do we in the U.S. "overcome" the weight of all of
this history?


P.S. Again, what do folks think?  Are we in the U.S. under "fascism"?  (I
hedge my bets and call it a "fascistic" regime.)  Does that rubric -- which
has a number of meanings even within Marxism (Trotsky, Dimitrov, Neumann,
Daniel Guerrin, etc.) -- have relevance to understanding what we're up
against in the U.S.?  Moreover, and I think this is the more important
question by far, does it make any difference whether we analyze it or refer
to it as "fascism" or not in what we do to develop our resistance?

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