Samir Amin on the Historical Roots of U.S. Fascism

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Tue May 20 19:49:57 MDT 2003

Count my vote AGAINST describing US society as fascist. It has its
repressive side, especially if you're not white, but it has had these since
1776. To call it fascist is to suggest it's a special and extreme form of
capitalist repression -- which it isn't. The point is that this is a common
feature of capitalist society. It's not yet a police state.

If we're serious about the term fascism, it means we'd have to move towards
illegal work, and all experience shows that doing that unless you really
have to is extremely bad for the left - isolating us from the rest of the
working class and breeding an authoritarian and paranoid mentality.

All this is apart from the whole debate over what is, and is not fascism in
the scientific sense. Here I agree with Trotsky.

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