Kenneth Campbell: The truth about Hitler?

David Quarter davidquarter at
Tue May 20 22:51:47 MDT 2003

From:           	"Kenneth Campbell" <kkc at>

> For those not wanting to wade thru it, to figure out what or who is
> behind this site (I didn't until Lou looked at it and posted)...
> Save yourself some time and just check out a "funny cartoon" at

  There is a lot of information I come across on the net, or just in
my daily life, which I don''t agree with at all, or agree with
somewhat, or a little more than somewhat (Sound familiar?). When
that's the case, and I want to speak up, I do.  If I don't, I stay silent.
And if I do choose to speak up, I at least attempt to debate the
person's/groups argument. I don't...resort to personal attacks or to
the old guilt by association trick. I've found from experience that
that's usually the last line of defense for folks with nothing (literally!)
left to say.

<<<This is the standard fare from Zundel people.>>>>

 How much have you even read from the website?

 He's worked out a method
> of draping crude 19th century style anti-Semitism in scholarly
> affectations.>>>>

 Interesting way to put it...

> (Zundel's still in Ontario, unfortunately, but hopefully soon headed
> back to the loving arms of Germany.)>>>>
> David Quarter, yer in Toronto, no?>>>>

Oh oh...are you going to  hand my name over to the ADL or some
other  thought police?

> Ken.


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