Relying on antisemitic "sources" (was: The Truth about Hitler?)

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> # Subject: Re: Kenneth Campbell: The truth about Hitler?
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   where he answers Kenneth Campbell: 

> > Save yourself some time and just check out a "funny cartoon" at
> >>>>
>   There is a lot of information I come across on the net, or just in 
> my daily life, which I don''t agree with at all, or agree with 
> somewhat, or a little more than somewhat (Sound familiar?). 

   When you fall in the error of looking at the gossip and slander of
the antisemitic propaganda as "information", then you have a problem
with the perception of reality, so to speak. 

   You would not take the "Protocols of the elders of Zion" as
"information", would you? 

   So pointing to such a slander site as documentary evidence that
Jews in Germany have (and in substantional numbers!) given support to
the Nazi party, helping it to take power, is, say, irrelevant and

   Drinking from a poisened well makes sick. 

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