The truth about Hitler?

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Wed May 21 02:00:25 MDT 2003

Jim wrote:

> I think explicit support by elements of the German Jewish
> bourgeoisie was limited and largely covert.

Yeah, because it was all a secret Jewish conspiracy no documents can be
found today. I have a word in my dictionary for people who argue like this.

> It also depends upon how one
> defines "What is a Jew?"

Certainly. We just define Hugo Stinnes, Fritz Thyssen, Gustav Krupp von
Bohlen und Halbach as Jews and we can prove Jewish backing for Hitler.

> as Bryan Rigg starts out his book "Hitler's Jewish
> Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent
> the German Military."

This does not prove anything here. German army was (and is) a conscription
army. There were even communists inside the Hitler's army. It would be
absurd to say the Communists supported Hitler.

> Hitler personally
> certified a number of prominent Jews as being "of pure or Aryan blood for
> NSDAP purposes."

All the cases apply to 'Mischlinge', not to Jews (in the sense of the
Nurremberg laws).
There was one prominent case (Erhard Milch, who had a Jewish father) and it
was Goering and not Hitler.
The cases documented by Rigg have to be seen in the context of the desperate
demand of the German army for conscripts.
In our context (Jewish support for Hitler) it is irrelevant.

> There were also some prominent bourgeois Jews who supported
> nazis indirectly through support of arch-conservatives known to be fronts
> for the nazis.

Again I am asking for the sources. German conservatives of the Weimar
Republic were as anti-semtitc as the Nazis itself.


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